Photo of Dimitri Petit-Frere


CEO / Founder

I love what I do and value each customer that trusts us with their vision.  I'm very hands-on with the operational and development side of the business.  I've hired the best people to take care of everything else.  Stick with what you know best.

Photo of woman using a computer



Rose is passionate about marketing and human behavior.  She's responsible for developing strategies that will help our clients drive more clients and convert at a higher rate.  She also loves watching reality tv shows.

Woman smiling by a computer


Head of Development

Sarah is our most valued employee who dedicates herself to the vision entirely.  Her input is what guides us towards making important decisions.  Between watching Sex and the City, she's an amazing mother who inspires us all.

Woman smiling in an office


Head of Operations

Loves coffee

*our employees wanted to remain private, so we used fictional names and photos.  Their stories are real.



Our story begins in the business building at Florida Atlantic University.  After Dimitri, our founder joins a business fraternity (Delta Sigma Pi), he met who will soon be his business partner.

They spent long nights studying and building a true friendship.  After watching Mad Men, they both decided to start an advertising agency.  After six months, they developed relationships, which led them to San Diego, California.  Like most businesses, they failed but gained knowledge and experiences that will serve them later on down the road.

After moving back to Florida, Dimitri rebuilt his base in Boca Raton, Florida.  He rebuilt his business and took on some fantastic projects, including Neil Patel.  Dimitri re-connected with a high school friend and found love.  He moved to New York and established himself in Brooklyn, New York.

From there, he decided to focus solely on web development and cyber security. As a result, Lina Web Studio evolved into a high-end web development company.