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Email Marketing Management

Turn Your List Into Revenue

Email Marketing

Email marketing is designed to increase brand awareness, reengage subscribers/customers, and retain customers. You may be familiar with these three conversion-driven actions and may also be well aware of their importance to your business' success. When you hear these things, email marketing is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. You may have tried a variety of marketing strategies with varying degrees of success. But what if there was one high-performing marketing strategy that you were ignoring?

Lina Web Studio Email Marketing
Email Marketing Process:

It is the best marketing strategy for brand awareness, re-engagement, retention, improving sales conversions, and achieving ROI through email marketing.

  1. Research and insights

  2. Lead generation

  3. CRM integration

  4. List segmentation

  5. Content development

  6. Email design

  7. Spam testing

  8. CAN-SPAM compliance audit

  9. Sending campaigns

  10. Tracking and Marketing Automation

  11. Retargeting – email and PPC ads

  12. Measurement and Optimization

Lina Web Studio Email Marketing
We Specialize in Email Marketing

In order to be successful with email marketing, one must have a deep understanding of both its technical and strategic aspects. Most of the time, even knowledge is not enough, one must have experience in a specific type of marketing to almost instinctively know how campaigns work, what makes them work, why they work, when they work, and where they work.

Even agencies that do not specialize in email marketing have teams of experts with several years of experience in the field. While hiring someone with the same experience and expertise is expensive, you can obtain their services for less than a thousand dollars per month.

Lina Web Studio Email Marketing
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