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Wix Fitness Scheduling

Organize Your Schedule Easily

Clients should be able to view your schedule and book sessions online easily.

  • Display pricing and class information

  • In accordance with your business hours

  • Automatically adjusting bookings for time zones

  • Establish booking rules and policies

  • Allow staff to manage and sync their respective schedules​​​​​​​​​​​​

Wix Fitness Package

Developing a Closer Relationship with Your Clients

Stay in touch with clients and keep them informed. 

  • Create detailed profiles of members

  • Gather forms and waivers

  • Send emails and SMS reminders

  • Send updates to your classes instantly

  • Communicate with clients online

Wix Manage Your Staff

Effectively Manage Your Staff

Boost the productivity and collaboration of your entire team.

  • Organize staff sessions and classes 

  • Synchronized with the team's calendar

  • Establish roles and permissions 

  • Allow staff to manage their time, payments, and clients

  • Measure each employee's performance

Wix Fitness Payment
Wix Fitness Payment
Wix Fitness Payment

Get Paid Quickly and Easily

Allow clients to pay online with credit cards or digital wallets securely. Access all financial information in one dashboard. 

  • Use a payment provider such as PayPal, Stripe, Wix Payments, etc.

  • Provide quotes and invoices to clients 

  • Accept payments in over 40 currencies

  • Collect payments in advance

  • Integrate with accounting software such as QuickBooks

Lina Web Studio Header



Pay for a website that pays for itself.  Get the same features as the top  competitors for half the cost.

Lina Web Studio provides everything you need to run your business and more...

Establish an online presence

  • Lead-generating website

  • Featuring a mobile application

  • Features live streaming and video on demand 

  • A variety of challenge programs

  • Including membership and package options

How to manage your business

  • The ability to schedule and pay online

  • Wix Owner mobile app

  • Has an integrated CRM solution 

  • Providing custom reports and analytics

  • Mobile Point of Sale system

Grow your company

  • A marketing suite that is built into the application

  • Providing a community experience

  • Live chat 

  • Fitness blog

  • Branded merchandise and apparel

Wix Fitness Package
Wix Fitness Package
Wix Fitness Package
Wix Fitness Package
Wix Fitness Package
Wix Membership and Packages

Selling Membership Plans and Packages 

Bundle your classes and provide premium content to your members. 

  • Bundle your classes and offer premium content to your members.

  • You can offer trial sessions.

  • You can purchase classes at a discounted rate.

  • Offer special perks and services.

  • Provide exclusive content to members.

Wix Membership and Packages

Analyze the Performance of Every Aspect of Your Business

From hiring and scheduling to marketing and budgeting, you can utilize reports for making informed decisions. 

  • Discover your most popular services

  • Monitoring client attendance and engagement

  • Obtain booking information, client information, and staff information

  • Determine how visitors arrive at your website

  • Analyze financial trends

Wix Membership and Packages
Wix Membership and Packages
Wix Membership and Packages

Build a Loyal Online Community

Bring together your clients and staff.

  • Establish a members' area with exclusive content

  • Initiate conversations with interested parties

  • Participate in forum discussions and answer questions

  • Talk to members directly

  • Award badges to members

  • Develop group challenges

Wix Membership and Packages
Wix Membership and Packages

Generating New Sources of Revenue

We are increasing business by selling products, experiences, and programs. 

Online Store

With a professional eCommerce solution, you can sell branded merchandise and equipment online.

Online Challenges

Sell evergreen online programs like detox programs and boot camp challenges to generate passive income. 

Video on Demand

Sell, rent, or offer your online content as part of a subscription service, or make your content available only to your subscribers.


Promote events, such as fitness conferences and professional networking events, in-person and online. 

Get a Full Marketing Suite

Through the marketing tools and features provided by Wix Fit, your business can be promoted via social media, email, paid search campaigns, organic search, and on your website. 

Wix Membership and Packages

Promotional Video Maker

Video announcements help to drive traffic to your website, share updates on social media, and announce sales.

Facebook Ads by Wix

Using targeted social media advertising campaigns, reach out to new members.

Bookings through Google

Google My Business allows people to book you directly from their search results.

Live Chat 

Interact with your website visitors while they browse your website and answer their questions as they arise.

Social Posts

Prepare professional-looking social content that people want to share on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

Marketing Integrations

The Wix App Market provides dozens of seamless marketing integrations, such as Instagram, Facebook Pixel, and Google Ads.

Email Marketing

Use various templates to create email campaigns for newsletters, sales, coupons, and more.

Built-in SEO Tools

Boost the visibility of your business through advanced SEO tools, including customized SEO plans and instant Google indexing.

Marketing Automations

Utilize email and SMS to automate essential communications.

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You can view our Google Reviews to see how our past customers feel about our work.

You can view our Google Reviews to see how our past customers feel about our work.