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Pay Per Click Management

Get Seen by Your Ideal Customer

Pay-Per-Click Ad Strategy and Management

From the ground up, this is PPC campaign management. At Lina Web Studio, we offer customized PPC campaigns and targeting strategies. Improve your website traffic, conversions, and revenue without spending time or effort. Please get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

Our PPC Process:

  • Keyword analysis

  • Competitor analysis

  • Bid strategy

  • Re-marketing setup (if necessary)

  • Creative design and copy-writing

  • Placement strategy

  • Conversion tracking

  • Daily improvements

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Lina Web Studio Pay Per Click Management
Reach the Right Audience

Pay-per-click advertising is hyper-targeted. It is possible to narrow your target audience quickly. You may also target audiences based on their age, gender, location, or even the type of device they use. In-market targeting allows you to reach audiences who have already purchased your products or shown interest in your website. Custom intent targeting is similar to in-market targeting, except that you can target audiences that have a strong buying intent for any of your products. You identify this intent through the use of "buying keywords" in searches. In addition, you can target similar keywords within the copy of your ads using content keyword targeting.

Alternatively, remarketing or retargeting campaigns may be used to target visitors who have already visited your website. Another effective targeting strategy is to target audiences similar to your remarketing audiences.

PPC campaigns are advantageous because many of these targeting options perform best in the search network. PPC ads are displayed only on search engine results pages (SERPS) when users' search queries trigger the ads' target keyword. The ads will not display even if the users match your target demographic, unless they search for the keywords you targeted for buying and content.

Lina Web Studio Pay Per Click Management

In the purchase stage of your sales funnel, every click represents a potential conversion. The buying intent of PPC visitors is typically high. Approximately half of PPC visitors make a purchase. The overall conversion rate for PPC ads is more elevated. Google's Ads Search Network has an average conversion rate of 2.70 percent. In addition, ads account for over half of all clicks on the first page of SERPs.

PPC ads also have the advantage of redirecting visitors to landing pages that serve as ad destinations. A visit to these ad destinations leads visitors to continue with the purchase process or achieve a conversion goal such as lead generation.

Lina Web Studio Pay Per Click Management

Our Case Studies

Auto Dealer Industry

Took over their campaign and increased conversions and sales.

Bus Rental Industry

Decreased cost of conversions and optimized the landing page.

Event Planning

Created dynamic ads to drive more traffic to the website.


Lice Removal Treatment

Spend more and still increase conversions while lowering CPC.

Liquor Delivery Industry

Created a new campaign to deliver more sales.

Plumbing Services

Optimize their landing page and designed new display ads.

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