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Menu Design

We pride ourselves in making sure your customer can easily navigate your menu and make their decision based on what benefits you the most—detailing each section to make items easy to find. We also make dietary restrictions easy to find.  View our packages and see which one is the best fit for you.


  • Create and customize a professional restaurant menu design

  • Guide customers by adding labels such as ‘vegetarian’ or ‘gluten free’ to specific dishes

  • Set up different menus such as ‘Breakfast’ or ‘Late Night’ and make them available at specific times



With most of the world ordering their meals online, it's key to make sure your customers can place orders online. With GrubHub and Ubereats charging a hefty fee, we're offering online ordering without any additional costs. Customers can comfortably purchase their food with a secure payment gateway.

  • Manage your orders with the online ordering system for restaurants

  • Process orders without paying commission 

  • Let customers select pickup or delivery

  • Get paid online with secure credit card payments or offline in cash

On the Go

You can keep track of your online and via phone orders right from your business app. So never miss out on an order and see exactly how your online sales are doing right from your phone. 

  • Take and track phone orders 

  • Allow your staff to enter phone order details into the ordering system 

  • Manage your phone and online orders in the same place

Table Reservations 24/7

You can take table reservations right from your website and manually approve them. This gives people the opportunity to plan and helps you predict your upcoming sales and helps you adequately staff for that evening.


  • Get reservations directly from your restaurant page

  • Send confirmations by email and text and let users save the information into their calendars

  • Set rules such as maximum party sizes and how long you'll hold tables for no-shows

Great Marketing for Restaurants & Bars


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