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Sales and Marketing Automation

Use AI to gain insight on your customer

Solutions for a Robust Marketing Experience

Automating your marketing and sales campaigns can make your marketing campaigns more effective. With marketing automation software and CRM solutions, you will streamline your company's marketing efforts and reduce your margin.

Our company specializes in providing solutions for the following three primary marketing automation services:

  • Salesforce & Pardot

  • Marketo

  • HubSpot

Marketing automation solutions from Lina Web Studio will help you with your marketing journey from planning to implementation. In addition to managing your marketing automation processes, we will also handle customer journeys, CRM integration, and marketing operations.

Marketing experience
Our Strategy

Success is measured in measurable terms for us. Yet, we also recognize that there is no magic formula that can guarantee success in marketing. Therefore, we ensure that we sit down with our clients and discuss their goals and needs. Each marketing automation solution we create is tailored to the customer's specific needs and results from thorough identification, evaluation, and analysis of the company's existing marketing strategies, market demands, and limitations of the particular platform.

An objective of the project is to simplify complex processes to perfectly coordinate marketing processes, optimize marketing automation strategies by the latest industry best practices, and enhance the performance of tools and software integrated into the project.

Marketing Evaluation

As part of our services, we also identify and evaluate solutions for companies that are unsure about the type of marketing automation solution to use or are uncertain whether their existing marketing automation solution is the right fit for their organization.

The experience we have gained from working with companies in different industries over the years has allowed us to gain deep insights into the demands of each sector. We also learned from our experience how to evaluate a company's individual needs regardless of industry.

We comprehensively evaluate an automation solution, including technical, financial, and user aspects.

In addition to providing expert CRM consultation and management services, Lina Web Studio also provides personalized marketing solutions. Marketing automation won't help you if you're not on the same page as your customers.

Lina Web Studio Sales and Marketing Automations
Marketing Operation

We do not require you to spend months learning marketing automation software or juggling between different tools. Additionally, outsourcing your marketing operation management will free up your internal resources so that you can focus on running your business.

Our marketing operations services range from general to specialized processes, including:

  • Marketing campaigns for lead generation

  • Management of marketing campaigns

  • Promotion of marketing communications

  • Maintenance of marketing databases

Experts in marketing automation are capable of handling these marketing operation services.

Marketing operations
Mapping the Customer Journey

When mapping your customer journey, you need to consider the entire lifecycle of the customer, their interactions with your brand at each stage, and their experience with your brand at each stage.

Customers have different journeys, and even if your marketing campaign is effective, their experiences with your brand may differ. You can, however, provide a quality experience to your customers by optimizing your marketing campaigns based on their needs.

  • Determine the best marketing channels to use

  • Lead Nurturing

  • System development

  • Analysis of Content

  • Forecasting of Revenue

Customer journey
CRM Services and Integration

It is critical for the success of your marketing operation to integrate customer relationship management (CRM) software. Through the CRM, sales representatives obtain new leads and gain access to essential statistics.

Therefore, you should ensure that your marketing automation solution and CRM are integrated seamlessly. Our integration capabilities include:

  • Marketo to Salesforce CRM

  • Pardot to Salesforce CRM

The Lina Web Studio also offers expert CRM consulting and management services to ensure a seamless marketing campaign.

Lina Web Studio Sales and Marketing Automations
Marketing Automation Solutions Implementation

Lina Web Studio will assist you at every step of the process. We will provide you with technical expertise to prevent you from losing time and money due to faulty implementations and integrations from evaluation to execution.

  • Integrating CRM and social media

  • marketing databases

  • Segmentation (static, semi-dynamic, or fully dynamic lists)

  • Development and implementation of lead generation and management processes

  • Marketing automation templates (responsive emails and landing pages)

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