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Extend the Life of Your Website

By subscribing to a website maintenance plan with Lina Web Studio, we can help your website keep up with the ever-changing industry.

Our website maintenance company is one of the top companies in the industry. From basic content updates to extensive design updates, our web maintenance packages cover everything your website might require.

Lina Web Studio Web Maintenance
Basic Website Updates
  1. Improvements based on feedback from visitors/customers. Such improvements may include site performance, navigation, and overall user experience.

  2. Updates to existing products. You will likely need to update existing products rather than add new ones. Essentially, you will need to add updated product information and prices. Some products may also need to be removed or replaced.

  3. Promotional updates. A regular update you will need is product updates for promotional purposes. It includes short-term price reductions, bundles, or shipping promotions.

  4. Upgrade the interactive component. Regular browser updates can affect the performance of various interactive elements of a website. The incompatibility of your interactive features with browsers can lead to performance issues, high bounce rates, and low conversion rates.

Lina Web Studio Web Maintenance
Website Maintenance Costs

These updates often involve the addition, edit, replacement, or deletion of the following:

  • Text (especially product copy)

  • Photos/images

  • Animations/videos

  • Links

  • Forms

  • Individual pages

  • Navigational elements

  • Downloadable files

Maintenance packages also include standard support services like email and mobile support. Website maintenance costs vary, mainly because of the amount of ongoing maintenance work that your website needs.

Lina Web Studio Web Maintenance
Advanced Website Maintenance Work

Generally, design work is not included as part of website maintenance packages and is billed on an hourly basis. Web maintenance agencies may also offer this service. Some agencies do not have in-house web designers and instead contract with third parties to handle the task.

Lina Web Studio provides the following design maintenance services as a full-service web design company:

  1. Advanced image editing/manipulation

  2. Video editing/manipulation and compression

  3. Audio editing and compression

  4. New custom webpage design

  5. Website navigation redesign

Lina Web Studio Web Maintenance
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